2013 - 2014 Cafeteria Pricing and School Fees

Harman and Smith Elementary

Cafeteria and School Fees


School lunches are:

      Standard Plate Lunch         $2.75

      Milk                    $.25

      Snacks                          $.50

Free and Reduced Lunch Application


The Oakwood Board of Education has adopted a standard fee schedule to cover the cost of expendable items and materials used by the students. This fee covers the cost of such items as art supplies, workbooks, writing paper, and weekly news magazines where applicable.


School fees:


      Grades K-6             $48.00

August 2013 Cafeteria News

Due to new Federal Regulations regarding school lunches, portion sizes, and calories, Oakwood Schools will no longer be able to serve “seconds” or extra sandwiches to students who request them. For more information click here.

(you will want to link the following site for the 'click here')



If you are paying by personal check sent to the school:

Separate checks need to be written for schools fees and lunches.

For school fees, please list each child’s name

and homeroom teacher covered by the check.

For cafeteria fees, please list your child’s name, homeroom and PIN number.

Remember you may also deposit lunch money online. 

For more information, visit Smith School’s Home Page